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Grettir Scourged Print

Grettir Scourged Print


"There is much to be said of the man whose footsteps lay peppered with the ashes of draugr and wight, berserker and beast alike. Yet the maelstrom in his eyes tells tales of a different path: not one of conquering demons, but one of being conquered.


Whispers say only that the voices in his mind are one too many. The depth of his guttural laugh is otherworldly, as if concealing a scoff within a smile. As twilight approaches, the whites of his eyes are eclipsed with pools of dancing darkness, deep and black as the ichor of Hel herself.


Divert your gaze when you come upon him, my boy, but be mindful of the periphery. His shadow will fall behind him, the burden of all folk belonging to this plane; yet, with Grettir, a second shade will emerge - a silhouette that lingers in the border between that which can be seen, and that which cannot.


Beware the space between, this ephemeral rift in the planes; if you cast your gaze upon it, you will be certain to draw the revenant's ire, where you can seek refuge in neither crypt nor kiln."


The barkeep finishes his tale and begins to fill a flagon of mead for the patron across the bar.


"It is a pity," the young man pipes up. "I always thought him more of a hero."


The barkeep glances over, setting the mug atop the counter. He squints his beady eyes and leans over the bar. "All of your deeds follow you, my boy. You'd best be certain they are the company you wish to keep."


12 x 16 inch hand signed print. The artwork is full bleed to the edges and available in both glossy and metallic finish. 

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    Alternate print sizes can be requested via emailing

    Prints are non-refundable once shipped. 
    Anything lost or damaged during transit will be replaced or a refund issued dependent on the circumstances. 

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