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Sphinx's Counsel Print

Sphinx's Counsel Print


A vortex of light erupts in the temple labyrinth, encompassing the militant caravan in dazzling waves of brilliant color. The sphinx’s feathers spread to become a flurry: her wings appear to surround the troops, her headdress rises to eclipse the sun.


“The time for war has come and gone,” her voice booms. “All of your possible futures end in misery and ruin, save the one where you lay down your blade.”


“Are you having a laugh?” a crass knight croaks. The captain lunges, reaching as if to grab the words from the knight’s mouth, but she is too late.


The royal blade shatters into glorious fragments, each one reflecting and magnifying the light to ferocious effect. The knight drops to his knees, writhing in agony, clawing at his face.


Through blood-soaked eyes, he catches the gaze of his captain, and the sphinx’s final echo: “Now is a time for peace.”


12 x 16 inch hand signed print. The artwork is full bleed to the edges and available in both glossy and metallic finish. 

  • Store Policies

    Alternate print sizes can be requested via emailing

    Prints are non-refundable once shipped. 
    Anything lost or damaged during transit will be replaced or a refund issued dependent on the circumstances. 

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